The Wispy-white Throng

They came on the breath of a warm summer breeze
In the silvery light of a vast setting sun.
Below them, white horses skipped over the seas;
Those white-feathered wisps, that travelled as one.

At the edge of the cliff, in the whispering grass
A circle, where footsteps had gathered before,
And spider web crystals, that sparkled like glass
Lit a fairy-light pathway back down to the shore.

All at once, in the blue, the feathers were gone
As ethereal light fell the air seemed to shimmer.
One by one, they descended, the wispy-white throng
Took their place, side by side, in the soft evening glimmer.

Silky white garments, satin white skin,
Vapoury skirts below corsets of lace.
Pearl-buttoned jackets; blouson to the shin;
Serenity shone from each beautiful face.

Their melody came like the call of the wind
From nowhere, it gathered, and pressed them to sway.
And there, in the orchids, their waltz did begin
To a song, from a dream, and a land far away.

They twirled and they whirled through the grass, hand in hand
Eyes locked in rapture, united as one.
And they danced till the dusk-light darkened the land,
And the sea shone like gold as it swallowed the sun.

On the breath of the breeze, away they were bourn
Above, in the black, the moon shone alone.
And all that remained, in the chill of the dawn,
Was the glitter of dew drops, from where they had flown.

Look to the sky, see more than the clouds,
Don’t let your dreaming by silenced by fear.
Open your heart to the life love allows
And know that the throng will always be near.


2 thoughts on “The Wispy-white Throng

  1. This piece is dreamily sensitive and I love it. Am printing it out (plus several previous ones) – hope that’s OK!!!!!

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